Real and lasting political change in Canada will come about either through the correct use of the democratic process or via violent revolution as we are now seeing in so many other nation-states around the world. The Canadian People’s Party (CPP) stands for the restoration of political power into the hands of the people with all democratic rights and freedoms and the rule of law out of the grasp of corporate and special interest groups and those currently composing what is generally recognized to be the ‘power elite’.

The Canadian People’s Party is an initiative whereby Canadians will be given the option of creating a new federal/provincial political party that will give the voting public an alternative to the present-day parties now in Parliament.

It is the primary purpose of the Canadian People’s Party to gain the confidence and support of the general populace by appealing to their common sense and their natural instincts that act as a general guide as to what are sensible ways and means of running a nation so that its democratic ideals and its laws are respected and upheld for the benefit of the majority of its people.

As this is but a brief introductory statement all that it is meant to do is provide a rough outline of what the CPP will be proposing in its platform/manifesto/constitution which is currently being formulated. The initial Draft Proposal has received input from readers and has now been updated as the 2nd Draft. Please read it through and offer further feedback. It’s still very much in a nascent stage of development and but an outline of what ultimately will be a much fuller and comprehensive program for renewing and protecting Canada during these heady times where violent take overs and undemocratic coups are the order of the day. If you feel there are other concerns that you’d like to see included for discussion please write to the CPP and contribute to the effort.

The proposed platform is in its nascent stage of development and as various aspects of its formation are worked out they will be added to this website for consideration by the general population.

It is hoped that the website contents will receive feedback and suggestions from readers.

At the present time it is suggested that readers either use the comments section at the bottom of the postings or if they wish to contact the author of the site to please write to the following address:


Thank you.


Arthur Topham
Interim Leader & Founder
Canadian People’s Party (CPP)


4 thoughts on “About

  1. One item I wonder about – the firearms issue. Not everyone is capable of firearm possession for a number of reasons. I know a ‘wild west’ situation could emerge. Please work on this item to make it lawful to keep firearms of a certain type and with proven professional instruction undertaken. I understand one must protect oneself should hell break loose; but hell can be just next door, too.

    • There are already very good mechanisms in place Sharon to determine whether or not an individual is responsible enough to possess a firearm. What’s missing is a viable public education process that doesn’t cost a person an arm and a leg to take the proper training which is available. Contrary to the opinion that we’d end up in a ‘wild west’ situation I believe the exact opposite would result from a program of public education. Crime rates would drop to a level where even the police forces would likely be reduced substantially were the general populace armed and trained in self-defense. It might be useful to check and see what the crime rate in Switzerland is given their system.

  2. The Swiss have mandatory conscription (?) of 1 year . . . plus their nation is small, mountainous. How about Canada’s vast wilderness and trophy hunting, illegal uses? Unless we also had better ‘social control’ it could be mayhem – or require increased police numbers.
    Perhaps I am being contrary, but I wish we could be like the Swiss.

    This From: http://www.guncite.com/swissgun-kopel.html
    Cultural conditions, not gun laws, are the most important factors in a nation’s crime rate. Young adults in Washington, D.C., are subject to strict gun control, but no social control, and they commit a staggering amount of armed crime. Young adults in Zurich are subject to minimal gun control, but strict social control, and they commit almost no crime.

    America-with its traditions of individual liberty-cannot import Switzerland’s culture of social control. Teenagers, women, and almost everyone else have more freedom in America than in Switzerland.

    What America can learn from Switzerland is that the best way to reduce gun misuse is to promote responsible gun ownership. While America cannot adopt the Swiss model, America can foster responsible gun ownership along more individualistic, American lines. Firearms safety classes in elementary schools, optional marksmanship classes in high schools and colleges, and the widespread availability of adult safety training at licensed shooting ranges are some of the ways that America can make its tradition of responsible gun use even stronger.

  3. Mr. Topham: Your above email address returns the email undelivered; only one of your Paypal membership links (the 2nd one) leads to a site but there is no link to the party membership or Paypal on that site. The first link offers does not connect to any site at all.

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