Draft Constitution (ongoing)

Draft Constitution of the Canadian People’s Party (ongoing)
as of
February 25th, 2015

Preamble to Draft:

The draft will eventually become the official platform for the Canadian People’s Party. The final platform will be one upon which the party will stand and flourish.
The drafting process is the starting point where all the issues currently considered relevant to the people of Canada will be noted and highlighted for further discussion and inclusion in the final document.
It is hoped that readers will contribute to the development of this platform.




In order for Canada to become a truly independent, sovereign nation it is of the utmost primacy that a new, made-in-Canada-by-Canadians constitution be drafted and then voted upon by the people. If passed by a majority vote it will then be implemented by the Canadian People’s Party.


All official ties in any and every form will be dissolved between the new Canadian government and the British Royal Crown. Canada will no longer use the term “Crown” or “Regina” in any of its Acts, Statutes or Jurisprudence of any kind.


As per the people’s longstanding grievances the Senate will be dissolved. It will be replaced by a new body composed of two elected Elders from each of the provinces, territories and Nunavik. The body of Elders will be known as the Council of Elders and the term “Elder” will designate anyone sixty years of age or older with functional mental facilities intact. The Council of Elders will be composed of an equal number of women and men from each of the provinces and territories and Nunavik.


A fundamental, longstanding problem within Canada’s governmental system has been the historic dilemma of a male dominated, patriarchal system wherein decisions affecting the nation ultimately devolve to a preponderance of male representatives thus preempting the rightful and necessary contribution to good government by the other half of the nation’s populace.
It is the intention of the Canadian People’s Party to ensure that all levels of government will include a minimum of 50% women in their ranks and that all decisions relating to policies and laws will be made by a minimum of 50% women.
It is the belief of the Canadian People’s Party that a balance of male and female energy is critical to achieving a just, harmonious, peaceful and caring society and that without equal representation within all levels of government this goal is unattainable.


One of the great drawbacks to the current political system in Canada is the inability of the people as a whole to choose the person who will represent them when federal elections come around.
The present system of voting for political parties is in many respects archaic and one method of offsetting the negative effects of such a process would be to give the people of Canada the right to choose the leader of their country in a free and open vote.
Therefore it will be the position of the Canadian People’s Party that once elected by a majority vote of the people it would change the law governing such a process and in future the office of Prime Minister of Canada would be filled by a person elected by a vote of all the people.
Provinces would be left to determine whether or not they too would provide this same option within their electoral process.


Canada’s judicial system will require that all judges of all courts be elected by the people rather than by appointment and that all lawyers will swear an oath of allegiance to the Canadian people and their government rather than to the BAR association (the ‘Crown’).
Until such time that all lawyers have sworn allegiance to the sovereign nation of Canada and forsook any legal connections with the “Crown” they will be ineligible to run for any government office in Canada or work within Canada’s judicial system.
It is proposed at this stage that the legal profession would reorganize itself into a new representative body that would be 100% Canadian.


There appear to be numerous acts of parliament which will require repeal and/or alteration in order to restore both integrity and sovereignty to the Canadian people. These would include economic ties with foreign nations as well as international ties with foreign organizations and any other federal initiatives that stand in the way of Canada’s sovereignty.
These issues will appear within the overall text of the draft platform under specific headings. It is highly recommended that readers of this draft offer further input on this topic.
One example would be the abolition of the Freedom of Information Act which has proven to be detrimental to open and transparent government.


All former treaties with the First Nations of Canada will be honoured.
Any unceded territory will be returned to the original, rightful owners for them to decide how they will maintain their land, water and cultural existence. Concurrent with this process will be the termination of any special financial agreements that are separate from the rest of Canada’s people. First Nations people will have full control and autonomy within their territory and will possess the right to use their land base for whatever purposes they see fit.
No arrangements are to made with foreign nations or corporate or private interests that would threaten the loss of the land base and place it in the hands of any person or entity outside of Canada.
Any private allodial property within First Nations territory not owned by First Nations will be respected and remain sovereign and subject to the same Canadian laws as everyone else.


All Canadians who wish to partake of any level of government or be eligible for any benefits accruing to the Canadian people will be obligated to swear an oath of allegiance to Canada and the new Canadian Constitution and to renounce all previous citizenship with any other foreign nation. All dual-citizens will be considered guests or visitors within Canada without any legal rights as provided by the Constitution. Any Canadians who presently hold landed immigrant status would be considered as pending new Canadians and given the same rights and privileges as the rest of Canada’s citizens.


Canada’s immigration policies will be revamped and measures taken to ensure that the Canadian population is fully employed and economically stable before any further influx of foreigners is considered.


All borrowing from the current private International Central Banking system by any federal or provincial or municipal level of government will cease.
All Canadian currency will be issued by the Canadian people’s bank which is the Bank of Canada. All paper money will be printed on hemp paper as it formerly was.
The new hemp money will not have any inscriptions or images on it relating to the British Crown or British Royalty or the Queen or Regina and will only have symbols directly connected to Canada, be they images of Canadian people, landscapes or otherwise.
Private individual Canadians and/or their businesses will be permitted to borrow from central banking establishments if they so desire with the exception of enterprises directly involved in the extraction, use, sale or purchase of Canada’s natural resources.


A nation either has freedom of speech or it doesn’t. There is no half way compromise between this fundamental right to self-expression and a democratic nation cannot survive and thrive without the ability of the people to openly criticize all aspects of the nation’s political processes.

Currently Canada does not have unlimited freedom of speech and the present Charter of Rights and Freedoms contains provisions within it that circumvent this right. This situation must be changed in order for the people to be free to express their thoughts and opinions and a law will be enacted that will be synonymous with the United States’ 1st Amendment as contained in their Bill of Rights; one that will ensure forever that all Canadians will have the absolute backing of government in their fundamental right to freedom of expression and speech within every medium of communication, from oral to written to graphic and specifically on the world wide web (Internet).
All “Hate Propaganda” laws will be removed from the Criminal Code of Canada immediately and upon approval of the New Canadian Constitution new legislation will be enacted that will insure every Canadian will have the fundamental right to self expression without fear of legal reprisal by any level of government.
The removal of the “Hate Propaganda” laws will not preclude any laws relating to libel and defamation of an individual but will be in concert with such laws as they are redefined and updated by Parliament and voted on by the people via a national plebiscite process. The present laws regarding libel and defamation are antiquated, outmoded and detrimental to the new era of Internet communication and must be updated and placed in proper context.


The present system of owning property in “Fee Simple” does not insure that a person’s property is absolutely guaranteed to be their own domain and will be abolished. A new system of allodial title will be established; one that will ensure private property is 100% in the hands of the owner and not subject to confiscation by any level of government for any reason including non-payment of any taxes. Private property that has been mortgaged will not be subject to these same restrictions and may be legally forfeited if repayment isn’t completed according to legal agreement.
All former “Crown” land will be considered to be now owned by the people of Canada. The people will be the new owners of public lands within their provinces and territories and these lands will not be subject to interference from any level of federal government or federal agency.


All the natural resources of Canada – mineral, soil, water, air, biological species, etc. – will be placed in the hands of the people and remain in their possession in perpetuity to be protected from exploitation by private corporate interests.
Any decisions that could negatively effect the people or the physical environment of Canada or any public resource will be subject to national plebiscite.


Revenue Canada, as a private, corporate run entity will be abolished and new mechanisms put in place to deal with any and all levels of taxation.
The Income Tax Act will be abolished and all Canadian citizens will be given the absolute right to retain whatever earnings that they accrue through their own labour with the exception of any fees and pension fund and work-related contributions that they agree to.
There will be a complete overhaul of the federal and provincial tax systems based upon the implementation of new funding policies by the Bank of Canada which will allow for substantial decreases in taxation of goods and services.
Taxation of Canada’s Elders in any form whatsoever will cease upon reaching the age of 65.
All GST and PST taxation of goods and services will cease and any revenue required by any level of government will revert back to the Bank of Canada.


Formerly know as “senior citizens” all Canadian citizens who reach the age of 65 will, under the New Canadian Constitution, be henceforth designated as “Canada’s Elders” or “Canadian Elders”. They will be eligible for 100% free medical and dental coverage and any other such privileges accorded to them for their life time service to Canada.
All government pensions for politicians and bureaucrats will be equalized with those of the rest of Canada’s Elders.
Private pensions between businesses and individuals will remain outside the sphere of government interference.


The education system across Canada will be revamped and restructured.
Education at all levels will be free.
All funding for post secondary education will be provided by the provincial or federal governments through the Bank of Canada and eligibility will be based upon merit after graduation from Grade 12.
All corporate donations to post secondary colleges and universities will be terminated.
Private schools will be 100% privately funded.
A new curriculum development initiate will be introduced in order to assess the value, worth and authenticity of current curricula at all levels within Canada’s education system.
All student loans currently owing by Canadians will be forgiven and paid off by the federal government through the Bank of Canada.


The issue of ongoing crimes being committed against Canada’s children wherein they are being abused through the various provincial ministries of children and families as well as going missing across the country will be one of the primary concerns of the Canadian People’s Party.


Canada’s universal health care system will remain free to every member of Canada and the cost of health care will be funded through the Bank of Canada.
Absolutely no monthly fees will be charged to any Canadian in any province or territory.
All government connections with CODEX or any other international organization connected with health or medicine will be dissolved.
No restrictions will be put in place with regard to the propagation and sale of any and all naturally occurring health products that hold medicinal properties beneficial to Canadians.


One of the more longstanding and unresolved issues in Canada’s history, all laws related to the growing and/or use of marijuana in Canada will become null and void and marijuana/cannabis will be treated in the same manner as any other natural herb or medicine and left up to the individual as to whether or not they wish to use said substance.
Full amnesty for all persons who have been charged with a criminal offence under the old marijuana laws. Victims of these egregious laws will be pardoned and have their legal records altered to reflect the new changes and any reference to said criminal offence will be removed from their official files.
The new Canadian People’s Party government will acknowledge the injustice that has been meted out to the victims of these antiquated, draconian laws and offer an official apology to anyone who has ever suffered incarceration or any other form of abuse as a result of their partaking of this natural product.
A federally funded program of rehabilitation and training will be implemented in order to offset the negative effects upon education and employment that resulted as a result of Canadians being charged and incarcerated for having used or possessed or sold marijuana (cannabis).


The question of the credibility of Canada’s current federal police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force (RCMP), is of paramount importance to the people. The steady decline of discipline and the lack of measures to insure that the RCMP are held accountable for any criminal actions on the part of its members has raised the issue of whether or not such a federal agency is required in order to keep the peace in Canada.
The Canadian People’s Party will take immediate measures to implement new policies wherein the provinces and territories would take over the policing of their respective territories and once in place the RCMP will be officially dissolved.
Provincial and territorial governments would insure that all heads of policing organizations be elected by the people and that absolute independent watchdog organizations be put in place to ensure that internal corruption doesn’t arise.
As well a full re-evaluation of CSIS and any other federally created organizations of the same nature will be undertaken in order to determine the need for such entities to exist.
Implementation of provincial and territorial policing systems will be funded through the Bank of Canada.


The practise of private corporations, special interest lobby organizations or individuals setting up shop on Parliament Hill or elsewhere in Canada and willfully influencing members of parliament and official political parties will cease immediately. The elected representatives of parliament are there to speak for the people of Canada and specifically for the region where they were duly elected and not for private or corporate interests.


In keeping with open and transparent government and a free society Canada will no longer permit secret societies of any kind to operate within the nation. This will include Freemasonry and any other secret organization that can be identified as such. Any member of government at any level will be required to swear an oath that they are not a member of any secret society or organization and if found to be otherwise will automatically be removed from office and face criminal charges.


Canada will begin a new phase of environmental protection with the primary focus being an eventual return to an absolute state of 100% organic agricultural and food production.
All chemicals and non-organic additives to soil, water, air, food and drink (for all living creatures) will be phased out and prohibited by law within a yet-to-be prescribed period of time.
All Genetically Modified Organism will be 100% restricted within Canadian borders and all importation of foodstuffs containing GMO products will be prohibited.
All off shore fish farming enterprises currently operating in open waters off all of Canada’s coastlines will cease operation.
All spraying of chemical aerosols (Chemtrails) in the atmosphere over Canada will cease immediately and any weather modification programs will also cease until such time as the people decide on any new initiatives and vote on them via plebiscite. Those found to have been responsible for the implementation and ongoing act of carrying out the previous geoengineering programs will be tried and if found guilty punished according to the laws related to environmental destruction.


All forms of nuclear power will be phased out and all mineral exploration and development surrounding the mining of uranium or other radioactive minerals will be prohibited by law. The sale of nuclear materials will cease and no further development surrounding nuclear power generating systems will be allowed in Canada.


Canada will remove itself from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and all other military alliances with other sovereign nations and maintain its own independent, sovereign defense organizations.
Canada’s special military or policing relationships with foreign nations will cease and any former military or policing agreements between them will become null and void.
Canada will cease to be involved in any arms dealing with foreign nations and any arms manufacturing within Canada of a military nature other than for its own defensive or domestic purposes.


A new firearms act will be implemented in Canada. Its primary purpose will be to arm and train all members of the Canadian public in the safe use and storage of firearms. Along with this will be the creation of a federal Canadian militia composed of all citizens of voting age. Every adult male and female predetermined to be capable of being a responsible gun owner will be required to keep and maintain a firearm in their home and in the event of either a personal attack or a national crisis that threatens their family or personal well being or the sovereignty of the nation will use their training and their weapons in self defense and/or for the defense of their country and its sovereignty.
It is the contention of the Canadian People’s Party that once the populace is trained and armed that the crime rate in the country will be drastically reduced thus reducing the necessity for exorbitant expenditure to maintain additional police forces.


Canada will withdraw from the current United Nations Organization and advocate for a new global organization based upon realistic, democratic principles wherein every nation has an equal say and only one vote in the world parliament. Any proposed new global organization would not contain provisions such as the present Security Council which holds the power of veto over the majority of the world’s voting nations and prohibits the organization from becoming truly democratic. All decisions will be by a majority vote of 75% of the members.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

The Canadian People’s Party will remove Canada from this military organization.


Canada will dissolve all Trade Agreements with foreign nations and any future agreements will be voted on by federal plebiscite and must receive 75% of the vote of the people.


At present over 90% of Canada’s communication networks are privately owned and directly or indirectly influenced by one sector of Canadian society comprised of less than 2% of the population. This is unacceptable in a free and democratic society. Multiple forms of independent media ownership are necessary in order to furnish the people with as much diversity of information and ideas as possible from as many sources as possible.
An immediate assessment of the mainstream media conglomerate’s stranglehold over information and news will begin upon formation of government and changes instituted to ameliorate this condition.
A full re-evaluation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will be undertaken.

(to be continued….)

18 thoughts on “Draft Constitution (ongoing)

    • Hi DT. Possibly you could inform readers as to what this law is? I believe I know but if you’re familiar with it please post a brief explanation that could be used to formulate a policy position within the constitution. Thanks. Arthur

  1. Hi LouLou,
    I have been saving the various drafts but for reasons of clarity and to keep new readers up to date on the latest changes it seems to make more sense to present the latest version so to speak. What I can do is create a new page and post the older drafts as they are superceded by the newer ones. It’s my hunch that there will be a number of drafts before we get anywhere near a complete document and by doing what you suggest it could get too unwieldy and confusing to keep crossing out and adding text.

  2. i don’t like the decisions being made by 50% women. the divide and conquer strategy in canada begins at a fundamental level. recognition of how many women, how many men just start us thinking that we are different. free and equal is free and equal. what does it matter if they are 100% women? hopefully it is still the most competent humans we can find. over fifty percent of the supreme court is jewish and you certainly dont see any wonderfully insightful decisions in spite of a 1-800 line to god. i think what we need to keep in mind is a fundamental definition of freedom. Free – not subject to the legal constraint of another. free men are not subjects. and as a free man i can not make up rules for you and you can not make up rules for me. the golden rule; ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ is a sufficient constitution. for people that harm other people that is why you have a jury system of your peers. you dont need written laws, you need a living breathing moral compass within each individual. it is the same with a constitution. remember that every rule you write constrains your freedom… those who would give up liberty for safety; deserve neither. i know how bravely you have struggled and what a deep love you have for your country and it is my heartfelt wish that your wonderful endeavor here works out for all of us… much love to you arthur.

    • Why would you not want to sit around a table composed of half women and half men and discuss the state of our country? I don’t think we’ve got a shortage of women to fill any positions that might come up and they are the other half of God’s creation Jimi. Half the votes of the nation are also in their hands and I know they want and need to have their voice heard just as much as the men do. Actually in some ways it might be better to have the country run by all women for a change given the track record of the men over the past few hundred or possibly thousands of years.

      We have a lot of things yet to add to this program but one thing needs to be understood and that is if a party doesn’t gain a majority of the people’s confidence then all their good ideas and strategies for the nation are for naught.

    • Sounds too much like the “People’s Republic of China” and I suspect it has the same underlying goals,this is pure treason and ripe for abuse! If I don’t agree I lose my Canadian citizenship, the Crown is gone, the authority is taken from Almighty God through an anointed Queen and given into the hands of “the people”???. What people? It is a joke to think the average person will have any say in this. The RCMP is gone, Judges are elected which means they are on the take. This begins as insurrection and it will continue in control, fear and ultimately end in bloodshed. What about those who totally disagree with this insurrection – kill us – is that the answer? This will start a civil war in Canada!

  3. For the most part I like this draft, however, there is one point which needs to be modified. The Canadian Citizenship idea is contra verse with the other points. You can’t expect from anybody to renounce all previous citizenship because this would be against basic human rights. Somebody who didn’t born in Canada may want to keep their citizenship for various reasons. If somebody wants to work in any level of government should be asked to give a statement about other citizenship’s what the person may have. Canada’s real nations are the aboriginals, anybody else is just came from somewhere but that doesn’t mean they can’t be loyal citizens. Please change the citizenship so it would make sense….

  4. I am Canadian-born, living in British Columbia, and I love what you are doing. I found this site via a story posted on Abel Danger. This is my first visit, on the morning of the shootings on Parliament Hill, watching it while it unfolds.

    I am ashamed to have the Queen as my Head of State. I love the Briitsh people but I do not trust the British establishment, its royals, its City of London based bankers, and its worshipful companies.

    While many important issues face us, the first thought that crossed my mind as I read the draft Constitution was what will the Province of British Columbia be renamed? I imagine it would be left up to the people but then I considered, would we even have to have provinces with boundaries demarcated as the presently are, or provinces at all, anymore.

  5. If We ever needed a change … It’s now! .. but none of the top 3 partys offer anything but to buy their created middle class vote .None have any imagination .It’s scary to think that We could have another 4 years of incompetent government from the PC Party . If the CCP was on the ballot in sept. I’d vote in a minute.

  6. Pingback: Canada’s Illegal Government by Jeff Nielson (Bullion Bulls Canada)

  7. I suggest including that immigration be available ONLY for persons under 35 capable of providing 25 years of emplyment service to the country. That immigration for those over 35 be abolished as this country is too top heavy already. Wages and welfare related incomes should be increased the same as housing and gold has since 1981, being 400%. However tax rates should remain the same so as to pay down the countries debt level. Income tax avoidance schemes should be cancelled and ALL persons need to be required to pay based on a gross taxation level. Business income should be subject to the same considerations.

  8. Certainly not in favour of having 70 year old people ruling. I am a senior citizen, but new ideas come from younger people. I am well educated and aware that I am still not up to date with many things. Ruling by 70 to 80 year olds is a big mistake. Age brings wisdom, but it doesn’t bring knowledge. I Also don’t want my nutty next door neighbour to have a gun. This would turn out to be the American state of Canada. Look at the issues with guns down there. There is nothing wrong with dual citizenship. Don’t even know what you have against it. The rest sounds vety much like communism. So no thank you. You are restricting more than we have now.

  9. I have been concerned about the judicial arm of our democracy since my own experience in self-representation in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. During this effort I had reason to discover our former Chief Justice Glube told a Commons subcommittee that successive federal regimes almost invariably ignored her advice when aides to the federal justice minister called over the years to ask which lawyers on short lists were best suited for appointment to the federal bench. She warned that politicians should not be appointing our Judges. But is voting for them the best choice? What about allowing their peers to vote them in?

  10. Strong tobacco!
    The collective left lame stream media will have a hay week with you.
    The dirt slings are already loaded with the usual smear words (Nazi, racist, bigot,
    -(any) phobe, w.h.y.).
    Good luck!

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