In order to apply for registration of the Canadian People’s Party it’s first necessary to fulfil the following requirements listed below (please take a few moments to read them through). Foremost is the necessity of having a minimum of at least 250 registered members. Thus the need for official memberships.

The basic plan, in order to get the party rolling, is to charge $10.00 for a membership. This will entitle each member to a vote in whatever policies and decisions are made and also generate some start up funds that will be needed to complete all of the other requirements and get the party on the political map. Each member will also receive an official hard copy membership card via Canada Post.

Memberships can be purchased either through PayPal (please use the PayPal button on either of these two sites: HERE or HERE) or by sending $10.00 in cash, cheque or postal money order to the following address:

The Canadian People’s Party

4633 Barkerville Highway

Quesnel, B.C.

V2J 6T8

If you are using PayPal to obtain your membership please make a note of what the payment is for when you send it. An account will be opened at the local credit union under the party name and all monies, including donations, will be deposited into that account.

I will post information on the number of memberships as they arrive and also create an email list for members only which will be used to communicate any additional information that may not be posted on the website.

Donations are also welcome beyond the membership fee.


Thanks for your support and participation,

Arthur Topham

CPP Leader


Party name on the ballot
One of the traditional benefits of registered status for a political party is that the party’s name may appear on the ballot, together with the name of the party’s candidate in that electoral district. If a candidate is not endorsed by a registered party, the candidate can choose to have either the word “independent” or nothing at all under his or her name on the ballot.

Applying for registration
A political party that wishes to participate in a federal general election or by-election may apply to register with the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. The application for registration must be signed by the party leader and must include:
•    the full name of the political party
•    either the party’s short-form name or the abbreviation of the party’s name, if any, which will appear on election documents such as the ballot
•    the party’s logo, if any
•    the name and address of the party’s leader, and a copy of the party’s resolution to appoint its leader that is certified by the leader and another officer of the party
•    the address of the party’s office where records are kept and to which communications may be addressed
•    the names and addresses of the party’s officers and their signed consent to act (minimum of three officers)
•    the name and address of the party’s auditor and the auditor’s signed consent to act as auditor
•    the name and address of the party’s chief agent and his or her signed consent to act as chief agent
•    the names, addresses and signatures of 250 electors and their declarations in the prescribed form that they are members of the party and support the party’s application for registration
•    the leader’s declaration in the prescribed form that having considered all the factors relevant to determining the party’s purposes, one of the party’s fundamental purposes is to participate in public affairs by endorsing one or more of its members as candidates and supporting their election.
The entire application, including the names of the members, is a public document. To confirm the accuracy of the leader’s declaration about the party’s fundamental purposes, the Chief Electoral Officer may ask the leader to provide further relevant information.

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